A person who can get a lot of guys/girls. A player. Someone who can spit good game.
This girl got four guys on her, what a skeez.
by mastersneak July 16, 2010
skank + skeez = tease
a combination of the two words, usually used to offend somebody, joke around with friends about, or just a politer way of saying skank, tease, etc.
jake: idk man, she totally led me on
michael: well she hooked up with me
mark: yeah she hooked up with me too
all: what a skeez
by SoundOfMadness February 19, 2009
male orgazm, shoot cum. also to refrence a sluty girl.
"I skeezed all over that bitch", "She looks real skeezy", "She looks all skeezed up", "I cant wait to skeeze all over that skeezy girl"
by drunkn711 December 12, 2009
A group of young indivuduals who are better than anyone else and have a good sense of humor, They also are not men. Ballers extreamly good at all activitys. A very exclusive gang.
Look at that skeez, too bad i can't be a skeez. They look so cool and have sooo many friends.
by skeezyBALLER April 14, 2009
VERB- to participate in a corrupt activity
Joe is always skeezing with the bitches
by Nick, Dom, and Taylor March 15, 2008
a) A woman who leaves a good relationship with a man who is loyal and good for her when whatever problems frustrating the relationship are fixable.

b) A woman that leaves a man who is loyal and good for her using the excuses "i don't want this anymore" or "i want something different" and supplies insufficient reason and warrant for such, and also uses a supposed list of things that she doesn't like about the relationship without giving the boyfriend prior ample communication about the alleged problems in the first place, and also unjustly refuses the boyfriend a chance to fix the problems.

c) A woman who leaves a man who is loyal and good for her for a jerk that will most likely end up playing her the way said loyal boyfriend would never do.

A generally disloyal and unfaithful woman that is easily swayed into conversation with a random guy, and eventually into bed. They often dress liberally and are found at parties, clubs, or any general place of sociability.

A woman that does not care about hurting others, just as long as she gets what she wants.

"So whats been going on with you and your girl man?"

"Man we broke up the other day out of nowhere, for no reason."

"After all the stuff you've done for her??"

"yea man, when i ask her why, she just gives me a load of bullshit."

"Man don't worry about that shit, she's a skeezer, you deserve better"


"I went to the club last night and i bought this girl a drink for no reason"

"What do you mean no reason?"

"She looked like she was gonna talk to me, but she just drank it and left... what a skeez."
by therighteouscrusader August 16, 2011
Teen, Usually obessed with british bands who have particular hate for twinnings tea, ie: artic monkeys.
Often invites self to friend's dwellings, although is always welcomed.
Usually Loves her rum and the ocasionaly smoke of tobaco or marajuana.
Total Babe-a-tron.
Fanny: How can u tell?
Phil: Well she totally is a babe-a-tron, and with my super sonic hearing i can hear her pumping some alex turner of the artic monkeys
Fanny: OH YEAH! and is that a bottle of rum and a bong i see shes carrying into her unexpacting friends house?
Phil: I beleive it is fanny, i beleive it is!
by Gooch Moontimer. April 17, 2008
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