Commonly associated with the dirty little town of Keighley- the term Skeef applies to its foulest residents (99% of the population). The term can however apply to any number of people generally called chavs, kevs etc. For some reason the term doesn't seem to spread further away from Keighley than the nearest couple of towns. This is possibly because no one from outside the area has seen a Skeef. This simple cratures become easily confused when they get further from Keighley than the catchment area of the 662 bus route.
Skeef- a dirty trappy type who's hobbies include fighting, drinking, then fighting again.
by Tibolticus May 19, 2008
Top Definition
To steal or take something that does not belong to you.

"I didn't have a seat so I skeefed one"

by F-Bomb February 16, 2003
woman you wouldn't mind doing.
could be filth or goodlooking
*group of drunken girls stumble out of night club*
group of rowdy lads accross street shout skeef
by patch1111 November 20, 2006
female acquaintance, bootycall, female for whom little respect is given
I was boning this skief the other day . . .
by jb May 22, 2003
to come into ownership of an item without previously asking the permission of the former owner
There's no way I lost my cell phone. Someone must have skeefed it.
by Jetttster December 17, 2006
a females that has sex with numerous amounts of men
that bitch is a skeef. i cant belive that bitch fucked my brother
by matiks December 01, 2003
to steal somethin from someone.. such as a carey rat or hobbit
i skeefed some potato chips from bilbo's hut.
by ajfdkjfakdfjk March 08, 2005
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