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Coined by the late, great humourist and absurdist philosopher Sian Chipperfield, 'skief' has a plethora of meanings making it suitable for any and every occasion. It is a noun with which to describe a person, but declaring 'you skief!' could have many possible meanings, ranging from delight at a person's genius, disgust, congratulations or ironic mock hatred. It is the most wonderful and versatile word in the world, since it means whatever you want it to.
'You Skief!'
'You are such a skief...'
'you're just a skief. And a bit of a scraghead too.'
by A scraggly rat August 26, 2008
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a dirty feral girl that is the citys bicycle shes a whore and she knows it, but it doesnt bother her because no matter if someone is calling her a slut or pretty, to her.. its still attention.

this word started in ipswich - QLD
"omg emma pearson is such a skief, she's been with half the town!"
by November 09, 2007
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