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to leave or depart - possibly with some element of secrecy or urgency.
Listen man, I've had it here, I'm skeechin'. I'm gonna try to skeech a little early this afternoon. Cover for me, will ya? Man, he skeeched three hours ago.
by John Kennett May 12, 2003
when a dog drags it's butt across the ground to scratch it's butt opening
Look at that dog skeech walkin' across the lawn!
by Sourdough Joe April 17, 2008
the act of pulling down the back of your shorts when getting on the slide of a neighborhood swimming pool just to go down faster.
"lets go skeeching" this is what you yell if you want to increase the amount of fun when you go pool hopping!
by howardone October 09, 2006
Very short haircut.
My first day at boot camp I was pretty nervous standing in line for a haircut because every guy was coming out of the barbershop with a skeech.
by Bruce August 08, 2003
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