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a skanny is the opposite of a biddie...a skanny is a dirty skank whore and if you put yourself inside her, there is a good possibility you will become diseased. even though a skanny is usually very attractive and outgoing she does not care about anyone but herself and will fuck your best friend if he has drugs.
look at that skanny....i heard she blew a line off johnny's dick and then screwed 2 other dudes.
by DoN SLappY February 06, 2009
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a combination of the words "skater" amd "tranny" <tranny as in short for transvestite>. one who would be considered a tranny, but is wearing some sort of skater apparell or has a skater look to him/her.
"Hey that tranny is hott"
"its not a tranny"
"he wears fishnets and a miniskirt"
"but instead of go-go boots he wears skater shoes!"
"oh. my bad- the skanny is hott"
by still life November 27, 2005
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Skanky nanny, a word that represents the culmination of the idea of a nanny who purposely purses or seduces a parent of the child she works with.
The Skanny wears her bikini while cleaning up after play-time hoping that the kids' father will notice her assets.
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