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Someone's makeup in a day, that was obviously applied the day before, maybe even a few days before. When the eyeshadow has creases and is uneven, and the eyeliner is crusted in the lashes, ETC ETC.
Girl 1: Ewwww did you see that girl?!!!?1
Girl 2: Which one??1?!!?1
Girl 1: The bitch with the skank-up on her face!!!!!!11one!!!
Girl 2: Yeah!!! That dirty slut needs to take a shower and wash the shit off!!!
by nastyzthedarkprinceofawesome January 24, 2009
skankup skayn-cup


1. A style of makeup which gives one the distinct appearance of being a skank, typically having an egregious overabundance of makeup.
Ke$ha likes to wear skankup during her performances.

That nasty whore has too much blush and lipstick. What nasty skankup.
by Jaggerson January 19, 2011
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