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A really awesome band from Ohio who's genre is indescribable. They are very original with their sound, though became highly disappointing with the music off of their second CD "Introducing". "Introducing", which contains music of a much more radio friendly sound, has unfortunately attracted the scene kids who like to find underground bands, and claim to like them just because many people don't know who they are. But now the word is out, and you can buy their shit in Hot Topic.

Also, it was very shitty of them to drop the "!" at the end of their name.
Scene girl: "Omggg foxy shazam! are the best band everrrr"
Original fan: "i know right? remember when they werent very well known and always played the stuff off the flamingo trigger', a 10x better cd?"
Scene girl:"....the flamingo trigger?"
by nastyzthedarkprinceofawesome January 25, 2009
Someone's makeup in a day, that was obviously applied the day before, maybe even a few days before. When the eyeshadow has creases and is uneven, and the eyeliner is crusted in the lashes, ETC ETC.
Girl 1: Ewwww did you see that girl?!!!?1
Girl 2: Which one??1?!!?1
Girl 1: The bitch with the skank-up on her face!!!!!!11one!!!
Girl 2: Yeah!!! That dirty slut needs to take a shower and wash the shit off!!!
by nastyzthedarkprinceofawesome January 24, 2009
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