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To ignore advice from others after specifically asking questions.

To mess something up totally that was fine in the first place.
Did you see that? he took his car apart for no reason!

Yeah, he pulled a right fucking skanders.
by Really Pissed Off July 19, 2006
A being like no other!
And on the 7th day, god did not rest untill he had perfected skander.
by jab4dasamman August 21, 2003
A Special creature that god perfected before finishing this boring world.

Also called Skander Helali, or Sisko/Alex
God said Skander is better than you, nuff said.
by Shnaighers. January 26, 2013
Skander was the guy who made a baby whilst driving a semi into a propane tank thinking he was some immortal shit.
Emily: Oh Jesus! Did he just do a Skander
Josh: Indeed he did!
by Jonah "Obama" Pierce June 07, 2016
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