noun. An African American teenager who skates and smokes weed.
Person 1: I went to the skate park with Tyronius yesterday.
Person 2: But he's black, I didn't know he skated.
Person 1: Of course he does, he's a skack.
by MAYORANDREA29 January 11, 2011
Top Definition
To steal, or scam. "Skacker" a person who steals or scams. "Skacking" the act of stealing or scamming. "Skacked" to have something stolen or to have been scammed.
Those jerks totally skacked my stereo from the Dojo.
by Deets June 07, 2005
guys make splooge.

Girls make skack.

Slimey/gloopy substance that comes from a vagina when a girl is aroused. Also present in heavy quantities after sex.
"I'm/the bed/the backseat is covered in skack"

"Let me wash my hands first, they are covered in skack"
by Bair November 27, 2007
n: a crusty, usually white substance that appears on different things(clothes, bed sheets, etc.) mostly because of sloppy ejaculation.
v: to shoot someone or something with the substance in its goopy state, before crusting. ejaculation of anything that can launch a goopy fluid.
1. Fuckin' skack is all over my fuckin' pants. Fuck.
2. Samantha did not know that i skacked on her back in the middle of math class.
by mafioso214 May 08, 2005
To smack the nutsack of a man or tranny. See>>>>Ball Tap
Jason was paid a total of $1000 dollars to skack Sister Irene, our school principal.
by Weezels June 22, 2004
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