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2 definitions by mafioso214

n: a crusty, usually white substance that appears on different things(clothes, bed sheets, etc.) mostly because of sloppy ejaculation.
v: to shoot someone or something with the substance in its goopy state, before crusting. ejaculation of anything that can launch a goopy fluid.
1. Fuckin' skack is all over my fuckin' pants. Fuck.
2. Samantha did not know that i skacked on her back in the middle of math class.
by mafioso214 May 08, 2005
Jankles is a clown with green hair that wanders into people's homes through their back doors in search of a toilet to flush his hair in, or to give himself a swirley if you will. Urban legend has it that in the late 1960s a man named Carl Larl got killed in a savage green paint factory explosion and has ever since been trying to wash the paint out of his hair by using the toilets of people's houses in northeastern Ohio.
1. When i woke up in the morning I had to take a massive dump or a sasquatch from last night's Taco Bell experience. I lifted the lid to the toilet prepared to drop the kids off when i saw the green splatter along the inside walls of the john. "Jankles, you silly clown."
by mafioso214 May 08, 2005