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Cool but before or after
That was Sizzy
This is going to be sizzy!!!
by Lizie February 19, 2004
A slang word for selling drugs.
Ay yo!, Imma go make this sizzy right quick.
by beeeee-otch September 19, 2008
-noun- slang for syrup. Syrup can or does relate to the Promethazine/ Codeine syrup many people drink to lean.
I filled my cup up with some sprite and sizzy and im throwed
by DJ Sizzy February 07, 2008
absolutely insane, regarding someone or something that is ridank to the nth degree.
that janky chick with the mad cheddar goes sizzy in saks fifth.
by kazzzzzy July 24, 2006
ebonic slang for soda. dirived from the sound of freshly opened soda bubbling in a cup.
I'm goin to da kitchen, want some sizzy?
by Nino December 22, 2004