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A sexual position, where the female grabs the toilet bowl with her hands, and then the male inserts his penis into the female. He pumps so hard her head starts to bob in and out of the toilet water
I gave some girl a Jersey City Janitor in the bathrom dude!
by jrky February 09, 2009
Verb - the hole stratching action that occurs when as dildo is being inserted into the pussy or anus.
Susy screamed when her box began to dildialate when she inserted her 12 inch dildo into her pussy.
by jrky March 02, 2009
like sixty nine but she blows you and you owe her one
Jane gave me a sixty eight for my birthday
by jrky March 03, 2009
Your typical flyover state - Not much happens in these states other than growing corn and rednecks. Mostly flat lands filled with Walmart and Applebies. When there, its best to discuss college football and family values if you want to stay out of harm.
I had to drive through the rednecks and plains of Mehbraska on my way to LA.
by jrky August 21, 2012
When a fart is so loud and smelly that the fart receives compliments
Sully received conflatulations when he ripped a nasty ass bomb
by jrky March 03, 2009
When a person receiving and/or giving an enema isn't sure of the contents of said enema bag
Horatio was unsure of his situation as he received an enemigna in a Hatian Hospital
by jrky March 02, 2009
A sex act - when a female is puking with both hands on the toilet, the male inserts his penis into the womans vagina and begins to pump her so hard that her head bobs in and out of the bowl
I walked into the crapper at Moe's Tavern and gave that scracco Jane a Calcutta Custodian
by jrky February 10, 2009

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