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the sucking sound with your tongue against the roof of your mouth, that is the sound of exasperation.
sishing and sighing.
by honeylick May 18, 2004
A word commonly used by women from the Southern United states to indicate to a lover that their husband has arrived back unexpectedly and she has to get out of there pretty quickly so as not to get caught out.
Guy: baby girl, you so purdy
Girl: stop it, y'all making me blush... Wait, I hear something... QUICK! SISH!!
by SparkyGee October 18, 2011
sish is a word for a womens vigina juice(such as a womens semin out ov her vigina)
Guy1:What did you do last night.
Guy2:I drank a whole jar of sish what about you.
guy1:Awww same here
by Tim Burger February 27, 2005
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