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A person who wishes to have sex with their sister. And only her.
Dude, I think he's into incest.
-Yeah, he's sisexual.
by JoMan112 August 05, 2010
When one is so drunk that he (or she) will have sex with anyone and anything regardless of gender, race, or age.
He is not bisexual he is sisexual.
by infiniteloop91 June 13, 2009
when a person loves 7 different things like inanament objects that are randomly chosen off the street to get kids made fun of for being so weird and the kids being weird by making out with those inanament objest or just being forced to.
That kid loves boys, girls, plants, pennies ,signs, paper, and plastic.
He's so sisexual when he looks at those items like a lover.
Why is ryan so sisexual when he looks at those plants?
I love those pennies, plants, girls,boys ,papers, signs, and plstic things as much as the other................maybe i should just make out with them.
I'll make that kid make out with that plant becasue it's perfect for him.
by Joe septer July 01, 2006
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