Secret Illuminati Recruiting Idiots
Siri got Bonnie.
by Mercedes Brayer June 02, 2013
When you thought Apple couldn't ruin anything else, they made Siri. The most broken non-usable voice assistant of all time. Hell will be Siri just endlessly talking about random things. She gets 95% of the things you ask her wrong. If Siri was real I would put her through a meat grinder. In the mean time I will just throw the phone in one.
You: Siri help! I've been shot!

Siri: Okay calling Taco Bell.

You: Siri wheres the nearest condom shop? I am going to get laid tonight.

Siri: Okay calling CVS. (Really calling mom.)

You: *Fart* (butt dail)

Siri: Calling your girlfriends mom.
by 3Sense February 13, 2015
Siri is a nickname that can be short for the Latin name Serena. Siri's are generally kindhearted and love to smile. They also tend to be know-it-all's like the iPhone knowledge navigator. If you meet one, they love to be teased and will get you back. They are a lot of fun to be around and always have the best advice.
"How's your girlfriend Siri?"
"She's doing great, I think I might love her!"
by purtaykittay May 28, 2014
An abbreviation originating from Sirius, the "dogstar", currently used to define followers of the hyped up Sirius Satellite radio, featuring off the hook programming from Eminem.
Sanam and Tony are complete siri's, they constantly checking that dam stock!
by c-nasty slim December 05, 2004
lol siri

sirius dies
by hay thear October 08, 2003
1.(v)to be afraid of dogs. 2.(n)one who is afraid of dogs.
It's just a cute little puppy. Stop being such a siri.
by tarmis September 06, 2004
Adorable nickname for Sirius Black aka Padfoot, of the Marauders.
Siri looks so adorable in filthy robes, doesn't he?
by Padfoot's Stalker September 21, 2003

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