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the act of 'stealing' a friend's friends.
'i hung our with kelly last night'
'kelly who?'
'jason's friend'
'oh, you Simonized her?'
by samiam55 October 05, 2009
3 5
brought about by the judge simon in American idol, simonizing is taking a certain comment of critisism, usually bad, and making it an insult
Bob: Joe just broke up with Kate, and Steve totally came in and simonized the easy letdown!!!!!!!!

Jim: JERK!!!!!
by MASTUR CH33F :) March 07, 2009
3 8
1. pwn in a street race
2. Wax
3. Turn and burn
4. what happens to glenn's car when he races a minivan
WOOOO! VR4 Baby! We waxed em!
Simonize that shiat! Who's your father?
by SMONEY March 16, 2004
7 18