Stands for Sleeping In My Bed Alone (tonight).
After a dude strikes out with a girl at a party, his friend goes up to him and wipes his plain finger on his fore head and says "Simbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."
by grizzle123 May 02, 2010
When you cum on a girls face then move your thumb across their forehead like from the lion king and say Simba
I was having sex with this girl and didn't want to cum in her so I came on her face, then thought it would be funny to imitate Mufasa from the Lion King and Simba her
by Abysseum January 07, 2010
A tounge in cheek term used to recognize compulsive lying.
This guy is a total Simba. He's the lyin' king.
by balz deep October 26, 2010
A person who is white with some rastafarian qualities.
Courtney got a dread in her hair, she's such a simba.

Hesh is so stoned, he's a cute little simba.
by RB86 January 02, 2010
1. A pussy-cake of a lion. Compared to his great, badass, alpha, and manly Mufasa, he is a weak ass with queer voice who loses to a starved and malnutrition-ed lioness in a fight.

2. A word to describe a pussy-male.

3. Word you say with satisfaction to a woman after rubbing your jizz on her forehead with your index and middle finger.
1. Guy #1: Dude, isn't Simba a total bitch of a lion?
Guy#2: Yeah man, just compare The Lion King's Mufasa and Lion King 2's Simba, Mufasa reeks alpha-manliness while Simba talks like a queer while losing fight to a woman.

2. Wow look at Alex losing a fight to a girl, what a Simba.

3. Ahhhh.... Siiiiiimmmbaaaaa....
by bow-chika-wow-wow July 11, 2009
Nickname for your roommate with freakishly large balls.
Hey Simba what is wrong with your balls?
by Snuffleupagous October 17, 2007
When you're banging a chick and you stick your thumb up her butt and immediately wipe your dirty thumb across her forehead while saying 'Simba' like Rafiki did in the beginning of The Lion King.
Dude, I just gave her the Simba last night. Wild Times.
by Brandtayl April 21, 2008
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