When you have an orgasm on a girl's forehead and you swipe it off sideways like Rafiki did on Simba's forehead in The Lion King. While doing this, you say "SIMBAAAA".
Friend: "OMG, I totally Simba'd my girlfriend the other night"

Me: "Did she like it?"

Friend: "Oh man, she loved it."
by SimbaLover July 11, 2011
A handsome lion from the Walt Disney film 'the Lion King'.

In this case it is used to describe the charming man of European origin who is simply the worlds most amazing creation. He's a total sweetheart, not to mention innocently sexy with a diamond smile. Like a lion, he is courageous, protective of those he loves, popular amongst his friends and hunts for food:) He is also a super kind guy always finding a way to make you smile and to be loved by him is the best feeling in the world. Life is always about challenges and risks, but this Lion Simba will achieve all he wishes and to walk with him hand in hand, is his lioness (who shall remain nameless for the purpose of anonymity). Simba is loved by her and together they will hunt for food, protect the weak, and nourish the starving. Keep smiling there Simba... today - everyday!

*Note Simba knows who he is!
"Simba is gorgeous, kind, loving, and simply amazing. If only he knew how truly spectacular he is." Compliments of Lioness
by ilovesimba May 28, 2010
This is, after cumming onto a girl (usually her face), to take an index finger and put a line on her forehead with your cum whilst muttering siimbaaa in manner and voice of Mufasa. From the lion king scene where simba is spread with the red dust stuff.
Gave a girl a simba once, was met with a pretty bewildered laugh.. Luckily she also liked the lion king as a child!
by AquaSkip June 05, 2010
Simba is the most cuddly adult lion ever!
He is warm, he is cuddly, he is friendly, he is caring We love him.
by Mhisani October 01, 2003
Verb; To lick your thumb and wipe it along someones forehead while whsipering, "Simba". Can also be used as
Emily: Hey, come here.
Maren: Okay, why?
*Licks thumb and wipes across face.
by tangled8888 December 03, 2010
To 'Simba' (verb)-

1. To obtain (something) by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation: I managed to simba a few dollars off my brother.
2. To obtain by salvaging or foraging: I simbered some free bread.

1. To seek to obtain something by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation: simba some free food.
2. To forage about in an effort to acquire something at no cost: simbering around the kitchen for a late-night snack.
To steal, scrounge, or act inappropriately, especially when cheap/free items become available.

Commonly associated with an outstretched forearm and an open, clawed hand.

One must watch out for the abovementioned action combined with the well known phrase 'I'll have a bit of that.'

In such instances, you are probably dealing with a classic case of Simba.
by Strictly Come Scrounging May 25, 2011
A well known name in Zimbabwe. The translation to english means power. Also used to decribe someone who is cool or well respected in the hood.
Yo man, that guy is Simba.
by Aceon Chigz November 16, 2006

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