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One sexy lion. He has a hot voice. He is quite badass. And he is not even a murderer!He lets the hyenas do his dirty work. He is a nice goldeny yellow color, not blue at all.
Girl: Simba is so hot
Boy: Ew wtf he is a lion
Girl: A hot lion. duh
by febreez March 29, 2009
A movie about white dogs trying to be black.

"The blacker the better"
Girl:101 dalmations is like the underground railroad!
Boy: except they didnt try to skin black people
by febreez March 29, 2009
That really hot guy in the hunchback of notre dame. He has a way with words.Very smooth.

Esmerelda: Your lucky that arrow almost peirced your heart.
Phoebus: Im not so sure it didnt
Girl 1: look at that dude, he is fine
Girl 2:He aint no Phoebus!
by febreez March 29, 2009
The hottest disney prince. Damn he is smokin. Him and sleeping beauty will make beautiful babies.
Prince Phillip knows how to handle his sword
by febreez March 29, 2009

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