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Loud sigh (release of air) to get other people to notice you are depressed, tired, bored or over worked.
Gee that's the 300th time today Martin has done the sigh.. poor bloke
by archie85 June 30, 2013
7 2
(v.) To exhale depressedly.
(n.) The sound of above. 2. The sound of people having sex.
Their sighs gradually crescendoed until she was screaming as she rode up and down his cock harder and harder.

*Sigh* I'm broke.

He sighed as the leaves fell on his head.
by papermachete November 01, 2005
486 260
A Silent Scream from deep within.
Feeling at wits end, she let out a sigh.
by cindi g. August 26, 2007
239 113
a noise of exasperation when the world is getting too hectic.
by Lindsay February 26, 2003
210 134
a noise a girl makes when a boy prematurely ejaculates under less than 3 minutes during sex

"is that it....... sigh"

Boy "oh im so sorry"
girl "sigh"
by crapolapig February 15, 2009
138 107
Ridiculously talented black metal band from Japan.
Man, I get an eargasm every time I listen to Sigh.
by Ginga-Ninja42 July 10, 2008
85 60
I know, right?
Life... sigh.
by Tefzi January 09, 2010
55 39
to type out what you're doing in a chat room like anyone else gives a shit
by Click me for free porn November 29, 2002
136 122