A universal response to any given emotion.




*Sigh*Sexually relieved
by LeprechaunK August 05, 2011
Loud sigh (release of air) to get other people to notice you are depressed, tired, bored or over worked.
Gee that's the 300th time today Martin has done the sigh.. poor bloke
by archie85 June 30, 2013
sorrowful or mournful
to feel sigh because your friend has died.
by Pseu Onim September 04, 2010
Commonly used on internet blogs or feeds to insinuate to the virtual world that a man is having difficulties with the woman he is currently in a relationship with.
Current Facebook Status:
John is sigh...
Other phrases of the same family:
John wishes he knew himself better
John wonders why life is so hard
by Dr. Philosophy October 18, 2008
Used mainly in AIM conversations, it expresses discontent towards a specific situation (usually with the opposite sex). It should also be noted that it is the action of sighing, not just simply stating the word "sigh".
T: dude how are things between you and her?
C: shitty. she never talks to me anymore
T: o, that sucks
C: yeah, (sigh)
by Tnuc November 14, 2007
So drunk, you die. The sixth and final stage of the "Drunk" scale. Pronounced "ahh...", almost inaudibly, as if sighed from the lips of a dying person.
Joe: sigh
Tim: What you'd say? Joe falls out of his chair unconscious Hey man, are you okay?
by Riley Haas August 03, 2008
Means someone is boring, not interesting, when said it usually displays a lack of respect for someone.
"Jog on you sigh."
"Shut your noise you sigh"
by Josh.Reeve February 15, 2007

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