Top Definition
A stupid-ass nigga who does some stupid shit.
What the fuck you doin', sigga?
#nigga #stupid #nigger #black #dumb
by Compton Ass Brandon August 29, 2007
Nigga for white people.
Yo siggas, whats up???
by Mark March 09, 2005
my sister if she is a nigga
hey my sigga
by caitlin October 25, 2003
A peter pan like individual that's does repetitive jokes and pranks. A gobshite that has severe mental conditions. A gobshite that drains the economy and lives on disability and welfare and relies on chip in for any money they can get. A gobshite that is too lazy to get a job
subscribe, friend, donate are popular phases one will hear siggas
#donate #poor #freak #help #mental #illness
by ted spread March 25, 2009
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