To talk shit to someone. Origin: VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA.
That man was tryin to sig on me so I hit the fool in his mouth.
by H22CL December 22, 2005
The acronym for "small intimate gathering", something that is not a party but is more than a few friends hanging out. It inevitably gets rowdy.
"So Joe Blow is having a SIG. You get the keg, i'll cover the hard liquor."
by sexy SIG initiator April 30, 2010
SIG is a Service Industry Girl. This includes bartenders, waitresses, hostesses, etc.
Man, I can't get any sleep because of this SIG I'm dating. She never gets off 'till 2.

Dude, I gotta quit hollerin at these SIGs; They're all crazy.
by kodaman August 05, 2009
1) Abbreviation for "signature"
2) Suck It Good (Almost like SMD)
SMD and SIG!
OMG! He did NOT just say that.
by Someone...Someone. December 15, 2010
Sig is short for signature and can be used for anything, especially when you dont know what else to say
Joe: Hey man whats up?
Man: Sig!
by Sig Saur October 10, 2010
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