Short for Signiture. many forums allow you to add a signiture that will appear in every one of your posts. Most of the time a sig is a picture.
Can somone make a blue themed sig for me?

I made myself a new sig. do you guys like it?
by Albert Juarez August 16, 2005
A disagreement or disapproval.
<Craig0> I'm going to drink myself silly tonight.
<xPattusx> !sig
by Pattus August 21, 2003
SIG generally means Sex is good.
Telling someone something along the lines of "SIG, Stacey."
by Ti'Brus April 18, 2008
A British subculture of geeks
Sigs.. socially inept gamers are your generic sarcastic tech loving gamers, big fans of comic books and music beat known for their unique sense of fashion and style that is independent from each sig meaning non of the emo clone situations arrise.
General dilect is an advanced structed geek speak similer to spanish in structre each gender has different suffick's

for example

Sarah; Omg he stabdeded me
Larry; Omg he stabzored me
Larry; omg yous is such a doynozor
Chav; yo' dont make me merc you brap
Larry; WTF are you talksin about.. has your brainzor got ghey aidses
Chav; Upon stabbing larry. ***** you sig
Larry; OMG he stabzored me.. Oh NOes arrgrgrgrggrsses
by squiggley February 11, 2008
Sig, short for cigarette or cigar. May also be the shortened version of "sig'r" which also means cigar.
I taped sig onto the back of my hockey helmet and coach got mad at me.
by cmere ya goofy bitch October 31, 2006

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