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complete utter noob.. -_- <-- tomster eyes
omg im the best.. you cant beat me
by leet August 27, 2003
A white child more than likely of anglo-european descent who can most often be found pretending to be from the continent of Africa.
by Leet April 20, 2003
it is "as if not" you noob, gg random. sif its "as if you wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't etc"
gg random
sif ur not a noob.. sifnt im a noob
by leet August 27, 2003
A white person from overland park who can usually be found eating liberal amounts of fried chicken. In the same gang as c-diddily
Shit son, P-sizzle is on parole! Better watch out!
by Leet May 30, 2003
He is teh leetest fo shizzle this side of the house yo. He powns all y0
Raven2x is owning j00 right now, beware.
by leet January 23, 2005
one who farts at the lan party and blames it on who evers closer;but he got what was comeing to him camdizzle own him
camdizzle:Who farted? Nuppy:i dont know i think it was the dog

my back smell think im going to go scrub it
by leet January 01, 2005

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