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When a blunt is passed around a group of friends.
Girl: what are you doing tonight?
Guy: basketball, gonna sife, then go home. You?
by snife, lol December 17, 2007
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SIFE: Students in Free Enterprise
a global orginization that sets up student teams on different college campuses around the world. The teams do outreachs in thier communities based around busisness skills learned in the classroom
go to a college with a sife team
by Peat September 06, 2005
The second hit when smoking marijuana.
joe: Sife!
frank: aww fuck man you always get sife
susy: god dammit
by oswaldy September 06, 2005
A Sexy knife
He Has A Sife in his pocket
by nhrdlick June 01, 2014
-noun Pathology

A disease of the immune system resembling HIV. Usually found in irritable co-workers. Generally has itchy/scratching properties. A combination of Scratchy HIV.
Watch out for Stephanie today, she's got one bad case of the SIVES. Awful way to go.
by antoine12 February 08, 2011
A sife is a second wife that the first one doesnt know about.
yo, my friend he's such a lucky bastard, he has a sife.
by Yasirt November 20, 2007
1.) A gay person who says, "Your mom" all the time.

2.) Little kid whose balls haven't dropped.
That one guy who plays WoW
by Manwithbigballs April 19, 2005

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