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a goalie that allows many goals causing his team to lose the hockey game
collin evans was the biggest sieve bow high has ever seen.
by kljgyturyjl;als May 08, 2008
A hockey goalie who allows many goals to be scored by the other team, causing his team own team to lose the game.
Cornell beat Harvard in yesterday's hockey game because their sieve allowed five goals.
by Justin March 29, 2004
A hockey goalie that lets in many goals, causing there own team to lose
Dave: "Did you see the Vancouver - Boston game last night?"
Tom: "Ya Luongo is such a f**king sieve!"
by Tjew June 20, 2011
a wire mesh or perforated metal utensil used for straining or sifting.

is very commonly used metaphorically to describe things that are leaking or something that has holes in it.
1) leaks like a sieve
2) bad defense in sports (i.e. poor goalie in hockey)
1) The pipes are leaking like a sieve. The plumber must have done a crappy job.

2) That goalie sucks. He is about as porous as a sieve
by Joe Sausage July 01, 2005
A sieve is:

1. A hockey goalie that cannot stop a shot
2. Someone who cannot hold their liqour
3. Anyone who acts in a bitch-like mannor, similar to a tool
Wow are you serious? What a sieve.
by Scruff MacGruff June 01, 2010
A goalie who allows a lot of goals, enjoys seeing other teams score and watching other teams win, and acts in an overall tool-like manner. They may also hide in their nets to avoid the opposing team's student section.
When he's not clotheslining the opposing team's players or getting kicked out of the game, SHunwick enjoys being a dirty sieve and acting like a tool.
by U_mad_bro? December 04, 2011
a shitty goalie. Basically a duster, but as a goalie. Also known as a dehner.
That goalie is such a sieve
by Duster1234 April 15, 2012