A common term used to identify something casually pleasant.
Check out my sicky new Duran Duran poster.
by Schuyler August 09, 2003
Top Definition
To take a day off work
I'm feeling crook so Iam going to take a sicky
by Peter Brussey September 01, 2003
A term used to express something exceptional.
Daaamn bro, this crow is kinda sicky
by Liquifux August 05, 2004
When someone or something is very awesome.
Ryan: I failed this test!

Ethan: Well, i got perfect.

Ryan: wow, sicky bro
by metropre April 25, 2011
Most commonly shouted in an obnoxious manner during an uncomfortable situation in order to express frustration in an extremely sarcastic manner.
(after a night of binge drinking)

Greg: bro, what a night.
Will: I can't feel my face..sicky.
Greg: listen I gotta tell you something man.
Will: sup?
Greg: I was really shitfaced and I boned your girlfriend while you were passed out.
Will: what?!
Greg: sorry bro..
Will: ...
Greg: we still cool, right?
by Iddy McFiddy August 06, 2011
Vaguely frat slang for "good," usually of the drinking-and-hanging-out kind.
That YMCA rummage sale was sickies!
by FredMeyer October 26, 2005
Derivative or diminutive of sick or ill.

A way of speaking used to indicate sickness in a cute way; amongst friends and family members (esp when small children are involved).

Sicky can be interpreted both as being physically ill, or a mentally warped idea; but the majority uses the word to describe physical illness.
It's cold outside, and I'm feeling kind of sicky today!
by Fukaface! December 15, 2010
A person that is sick all the time
Stacey is a sicky.
by Non-Sicky March 22, 2011

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