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To fling a fistful of powder in someone's face when they are sleeping. Usually, flour is used, but other types of antiquing include: granulated sugar, confectioner's sugar, cayenne pepper, black pepper, pancake mix, cinnamon, and chocolate milk mix.
Time to antique that worthless shitfuck.
by Schuyler August 09, 2003
The best deep underground rapper. Known for his deep rhymes and different beats. He takes Eminem's title for best white rapper.
Astronautalis has some tight ass rhymes!
by Schuyler January 17, 2005
when a girl's clevage is coming out
'to pook out'
by Schuyler January 10, 2003
Best place in Michigan to get scratch, hip hop supplies and tagging gear.
I just bought some Montana Hardcores at Code of tha Cutz.
by Schuyler January 17, 2005
A common term used to identify something casually pleasant.
Check out my sicky new Duran Duran poster.
by Schuyler August 09, 2003
What Nintendo and Sony fanboys fear the most.
Teh GAYLO is sooooo overtrated!!!111
by Schuyler January 17, 2005
What Nintendo fanboys hate the most, becuase they can't talk about the Playstation 2 because that is whooping its ass.
I hate teh SeXbox!!!11
by Schuyler January 17, 2005

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