The worst match up in the world between slutty Selena Gomez and amazingly talented Nick Jonas. Although they dated for quite a while, everyone knows that Selena was Nick's bounce back girl after he broke up with Miley Cyrus. Sick is sometimes referred to as Nelena, but most people like to think of it as SICK.
A: Eeeew. I heard Selena and Nick are dating!
B: I know, it's DISGUSTING!
A: You know what's funny? When you combine their names you get SICK!
B: lol. Just like the actual couple!
by NileySupporterForever May 01, 2009
Something absolutely cool but to cool to say cool so you say Sick!!! Often Ahhh is put infront of sick.
Friend 1: Yo man a dead rabbit

Friend 2: Ahhhhhhh sick dude!!!
by Mooza August 07, 2005
depending on the context it can mean a number of things.1 awesome,2 Disgusting or 3 just feeling not well
1.that was sick man, how you punched that guy

2. person 1."look at that dead pigeon." person 2."thats sick"

3.i didn't go to school today cause i felt sick.
by grubwestie July 22, 2008
wonderful, awesome, great, incredible, amazing, impressive, dope, cool, sweet...

other variant: SICK-ASS
(-ASS= a redundant extension duplicating the definition)
This song is SICK!

That drummer is SICK!

They're a SICK-ASS band!
by devenpahl January 28, 2008
To be ill.
When one is sick, they have limited energy and sometimes resources.
When one is sick they are unable to do all the things they would like and thereby unable to live the life they desire.
When one is sick they deserve to know the truth and not be lied to.
When one is sick they don't need any more stress in their life then they already have.
When one is sick the last thing they need is fuckwads who are deceitful and manipulative.
When one is sick they need 'people' in their lifes who help, not destroy.
by PineappleJuice February 28, 2015
sick as in ill or doing something cool skiing or snowboarding slang like doing a sick rail
yo that rail is sick man
by skiing rules hokey sucks October 15, 2011
thats sick man
by awkward misunderstood kid June 05, 2011

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