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A highly accomplished individual in any given area, worthy of envy.

Derived from a certain Mr. N, used by the vortex and morse suites from yale.
Did you see Aaron in the news today? That dude is one sick fuck.
by rimmers October 11, 2004
66 120
The people who made AOL
none needed.
by Assholes Inc. September 10, 2003
539 139
Any depraved individual or person with bizarre taste.
That goatfucker is one sick fuck -- he wanks off to Dan Rather.
by octopod November 23, 2003
384 73
Identical to the Sick Son Of A Bitch
You let her shit on your chest and piss in your mouth.... you are a sick fuck
by Maysy June 30, 2005
267 126
a person who's so obsessive and disturbed that there's no other word to describe them, other than sickfuck
Louser is such a sickfuck for all the shit he's done over the years
by anonymous1111 September 26, 2006
64 15
1. that one guy who will sleep with any one
2. someone with a sexual fetish for ugly women
John is a true sick fuck, he nailed a grandma.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
157 122
one who belives in there mind they are a nice normal person while simultaneously torturing someone.
- we don't curse in this house nor do we love each other in this house my dear!
- I'm sorry lady but you are a sick fuck!
by epicmann July 13, 2011
44 16
describing a mentally deranged sick pervert!
who is the sick fucking bastard who comes up with some of this stufF!
by lori mervyn October 02, 2003
29 7