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Dominican slang for dick sucker
you are a mama binbin.
by rolan2 July 12, 2008
Word used in the countryside (el cibao) of the Dominican Republic to express amaizement or surprise.
Pedrito: hey mom, juanita bought a car that can talk while she drives!!!

Mom: jesu maria santisima ni mameo!!
by rolan2 July 12, 2008
Word originated in the Cibao area in the Dominican Republic meaning fecal matter; shit
Mira tu cara de sica: Hey, you! shitface.
by rolan2 July 12, 2008
bulgar term used for pussy or vagina. Can also be used to express excitement or surprise.
Pedrito: Alex Rodriguez made another home run!

Juan: El sieso!!! (Damn!)


El sieso de esa morena si es grande: That girl's pussy is pretty big.
by rolan2 July 12, 2008
dominican for to get excessively wet
me di un mojon cuando llovio:

i got soaked wet when it rained.
by rolan2 July 12, 2008

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