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The most amazing girl you will ever meet she just tops all others but doesn't know it. She is friendly and kindhearted she is that type of girl that all the guys want. She brings out the best in people. She has low self-esteem and never forgets it. Her mindset is that she is ugly, annoying, and, weird and won't let anyone change her mind. She is that girl that you want everyone to know and that one that you want to bring home to your mom. She's a sweet girl, through so many obstacles she loses confidence but stays fun. The fun times You will have with her are amazing. If you meet this girl don't let her get away. She is a once and a lifetime kinda girl. You will never forget this girl as hard as you try. She is that kinda girl you will try your hardest to get. She is also an amazing singer and dancer. siz çox sevirəm
This girl is a siana
by Qwerasdf May 29, 2013
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a hilarrr girl who defff has style and knows how to rock her junk
"damnn, that si'ana got a donk!"
by blondiehawt May 18, 2010
from the tongan language meaning friend or mate
wats up siana??

nothin much siana!!
by ulu poko January 31, 2008

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