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Refers to the Opie and Anthony show.

Was what thier old boss (Brucie) at radio station WAAF in Boston would call Black people. (ding, ding ding)
B-B-Boys, did you see that Shwoogie stealing that car.
by up2ng April 20, 2005
220 76
A member of the African American Race.
Look at that schwoogie play basketball.
by Tight November 20, 2003
101 27
A discreet way of calling someone a nigger.
That shwoogie stole my wallet!
by BoBinkski November 20, 2004
99 28
nigger, cookie, a black person.
that shwoogie be trippin
by gay mankiss October 03, 2005
45 34
Adj, of or pertaining to the blackness of something.
The spinners on that Escalade are soo shwoogie.
by mrsrubthebelly February 05, 2005
28 31