"Shit-wasted-wisdom," derived from the words "shwasted" and "wisdom" ... fairly self-explanatory.

The word itself describes the type of wisdom or advice you might give someone while completely hammered. You know, the type of nonsensical, where-the-fuck-is-this-coming-from sort of intelligence that you give on a vomit-ruined basement couch at a college party. Sometimes, SOMETIMES, this wisdom (shwisdom) is absurdly profound for the circumstances, and so of course it merits its own name.
Anything hypothetical, existentialist, semi-profound and slightly poetic. The best "shwisdom" is simple, elegantly-stated and not too wordy. "Shwisdom" is honest and un-ironic, so do not mistake it with all drunked comments... this is special.

Other forms: "Shwise," "shwisely" etc.
by therealAB February 10, 2013

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