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the east meadow stoner's version of word.
"whaddup slut?
-shwerd yo!"
by Diva & Skittlez July 04, 2007
A derivative of the word 'werd', an agreement or response, such as 'cool'.
..Shwerd, son
by TheOldChurty June 22, 2011
Yo nick u a cute ass nigga... "shwerd"
by n breezyy September 10, 2010
A combination between 'shweet' and 'word'. Something way better than swerd.
susana-"I got schwag"
by jdshshfse September 15, 2011
semen that is wasted (not used to make babies)
"im just sick of making shwerd!"
by jeremy tensich August 01, 2007

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