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a combination of the words "sweet" and "word" used as an expression. Originally coined by Bushwalla, a musician from San Diego.
Person one: "I just got tickets to the show!"

Person two: "Swerd!"

by swerd September 04, 2008
Derevitive of werd...came about because s and w are next to each other, thus accidentally giving birth to the word swerd....originated on
Damn shorty got a mean badunkadunk!!!
by mechsoldier October 04, 2005
Star Wars nerd ("swerding out" would be a Star Wars fan becoming super excited for all things Star Wars)!
Wow, I saw a lot of Swerds waiting for Star Wars land to open. They were totally swerding out. "
by Raglu March 15, 2016
A mix between the words "sweet" and "nerd"
Yo he's such a swerd:)
by soccerchickk May 28, 2010
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