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From Yiddish.
To "sweat," literally.
Colloquially it can also mean to "panic" or to "worry."
"My parents will shvitz if I'm not home on time."

"The cops are coming. I'm totally shviting here!"
by SusieM. July 13, 2005
to sweat; to fiend; to worry; to be a jew; to perform an act; to want; to be; to have; to exist...
"Alex got shvtized last night at the party"
"Lets go shvitz a bong load"
"Colin shvitzed an ugly bitch in the ass last night"
"I'm totally shvizting right now"
"I need to shvitz a pizza"
#having #partying #seshing #worrying #running
by Shvitz McGee November 04, 2007
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