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Shortened version of the noun relations. Used as a subtle indicator that sex is desired when company is present.
"Do you want to have shuns while the kids are watching Spongebob?"
by GetToDaChoppah December 07, 2011
2 1
An Asian who is a way of life and also the answer to all.
Shun is a way of life.

Person 1: He screwed me over
Person 2: It's chill. Want to know why?
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Shun.
by gaycucumber01 March 31, 2012
7 7
answer to all.

a way of life.

an asian man.

the answer to all human creation and exsistance.
your a shun
"you know why you broke your leg?" "why" "shun"
by jassie March 31, 2012
3 6
An Indian Moslim monkey with a tendency to riot in the streets of Bangcock.
Keep the shuns quiet with some pepper spray and tear gas.
by Cock Friend August 12, 2003
34 83