A mushroom that is in the genus of Psilocybe. These mushrooms are grown in cow and horse shit then are dried out to be eaten recreationally. Psilocybe mushrooms or shrooms create a high which FUCKS WITH YOUR MIND and creates hallucinations/visualizations. Psilocybe mushrooms are the natural equivalent of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (acid) but acid has more hallucinations and less of a mind fuck. The main psychoactive chemical of psilocybe mushrooms are Psilocybin which metabolizes to psilocin.

Myths: Shrooms make your brain bleed and the blood goes behind your eyes which makes you hallucinate <---- that's not true at all!
oh, man, i gotta go get some shrooms.
by Pouya Arshadi December 23, 2006
Noun-Singular of shrooms.
Verb-the act of ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Do you wanna shroom with us at the lake tomorrow?
by Holoman May 07, 2003
Shrooms are a popular drug enjoyed by young adults worldwide. Youth are too young and inexperienced to truly enjoy shrooms and the aged have too much life experience to be open minded to a truly new perspective that will blow your hair back.

They reduce human behavior to a much more primitive level and remove social and cultural inhibitions imposed upon you. The experience is often of "great revelation", or being on the very brink thereof, but the enlightenment and great insight achieved is lost with the excretion unfortunately. Furthermore, you are unable to communicate your ideas effectively with language, and you are therefore simply blessed with a life-changing experience that you will never benefit from.

The high produced by mushrooms may be truly beneficial to the body in addition to the soul. Your body is less tolerant of other toxins (i.e. cigarettes) while under the influence. You tend to eat healthier, or not at all, and the best days are spent outside in a park or forest near trees and water. Please enjoy responsibly.
yo mushrooms are sweet.
by doctorkay July 28, 2008
Abbreviation for "mushroom." Generally used in the narcotic sense.
Dude! These shrooms are fucking AWESOME!!
by D February 13, 2003
mushrooms that make you trip balls
after john gave me thos shrooms, i was trippin balls!
by socomz March 16, 2008
A party held in a park in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA that is run by seniors who go to Central Catholic. It is always deep in the woods of the park and is attended by mostly juniors of Central and Oakland Catholic but also some from Allderdice and other city schools. It has been busted before because the police are moderately aware of the party and it is always held in the same place.
Bro, are you going to Shroom this weekend?
by burgh September 08, 2013
probably the best thing brought into the world. you go into a new world, and youll never have as much fun as you will while your trippin'. i personally dont know about anyone with a bad trip, except once, but hell yea for shrooms! ..it's like your a little kid going to disney world for the first time. and yeaa its THAT fun.
Yooo, lets trip on shrooms again next weekend !!
by highh420 May 09, 2007

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