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roommates (preferably college roommates) who also do 'shrooms together on a regular basis.
D00d, my roomies just became my shroomies.
by d00dz. September 28, 2010
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behavior charateristic of one under the influence of mushrooms.
"You see that guy on the basketball court who just stares at the lights, and never grabs the ball? Yeah, shroomy."
by Jack--the dude March 30, 2006
The Tangent Universe <3
Shroomy is an example of life.
by Jahsus January 18, 2006
One who is a member of a mushroom club and/or constantly subjected to kidfoh.
"So, Shroomy, what're you doing this weekend?"
"Ha, like I would have the slightest clue!"
by Sgt Draggi February 12, 2008

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