The act of being a bodybuilder or Gym Nut. The constant diet that most athletes put themselves on so that they are able to shed their excess fat. Eg "He is shredding it in the gym". This is not something that is done occassionally, this is a lifestyle choice for those who are A1 Personal Trainers!
Frankie is shredding, he definitely cant eat that!
by KarlieOrexi. August 24, 2010
Top Definition
a style of guitar playing characterized by extremely fast flurries of notes and extremely distorted tones. rusty cooley's style epitomizes shred playing. some other famous shredders are steve vai, joe satriani, and yngwie malmsteen. most shredders use ibanez or jackson guitars becasue of their thin flat necks, tremelo systems, very high output pickups and agressive looks among other factors. though loved by some, shredding is often attacked for being "unmusical" or just for show. some techniques commonly employed by shredders are tremelo picking, sweep picking, pinch harmonics, extremely wide vibrato, tapping, two handed tapping, and a myriad of whammy bar tricks.
"dude jimi hendrix totaly shreds it up!"
"wel acctaully, jimi's improvisational style is very melodic and has a strong bassis in the chords being played behind it, he is not shredding"
by michael langdon August 11, 2006
v. snowboarding
I'm gonna go shredding at Snow Creek tommorow. You wanna come?
by JackieC January 26, 2004
The most satisfying thing to do with a guitar. There are non-believers, in this age of nu-school hiphop, rap metal and ska, but there will always be a cult devoted to the art in its truest form.
Dimebag can shred like a motherfucker. Seriously, he can shred like you wouldnt believe. Thats until he died. Rest In Peace Dimebag, you motherfuckin legend.
by Dimebag December 22, 2004
Shredding is a term often used by skateboarders when the pull of some sick tricks!
Jimi: Nyjah Houston Is shredding street league!
by Botiic January 07, 2015
The feeling woman get before or during menstruation when their uterine lining feels like it's going through a cheese grater.
I'd go out tonight but I'm fucking shredding right now.
by EJSK December 27, 2014
An action that generally refers to dancing.

Shredding is usually defined as the movement of the body, usually but not necessarily rhythmic and to music.

Shredding can be participatory, social or performed for an audience, but is more commonly performed on an individual basis.

Shredding can executed to any form of music, but is more commonly associated to the genre of House music, and more specifically to the sub-genres of House music, namely Tech-House and Techno.
"I can't wait to go out this weekend and just shred..."

"That DJ was so good, I couldn't stop shredding all night..."
by TheTopCat August 19, 2009
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