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The act of shitting one's pants in order to avoid anal rape. Often performed by weak males in prison who have no other form of defense.
Prison Rapist: I'm gonna rape the shit out of that punk!!

Prison Rapist's Friend: Might want to bring some baby wipes, he's been known to shrape himself.
by longrod vonbigdong February 19, 2011
A synonym for Dude, Guy, Buddy.
Hey Shrape!

Talk to you later Shrape.

How's it goin' Shrape?
by Jim Neild June 06, 2005
1. Shorthand for Secondhand-rape; The emotional damage one feels when directly affected by a sexual crime someone else committed against a loved one.
Karl shraped me by getting my girlfriend drunk and having sex with her.
by #TheInjustice April 26, 2013
Shoulder rape. The act of touching/stroking somebody's shoulder unexpectedly. When you shrape somebody, you automatically become a 'shrapist'
*Holly touches Charlotte's shoulder*

Charlotte: Did you just shrape me?

Holly:Well yes, yes i did

Charlotte: you're just a shrapist
by emziewoowoo November 03, 2011
Shower rape
Oh god, I totally got shraped last night
by RandomJaffa September 07, 2010