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A native American as opposed to a dot Indian, which is someone from India.
Damn dog, you be doing some drinking huh? You breath stinks like a whiskey indian begging for change at the Grey Hound Station.
by vanyort September 04, 2008
Three or more children belonging to an unwed and single mother that is sexual active.
Damn man, that bitch has three kids and no man, she's got a showcase of kids up in her pad.
by vanyort September 04, 2008
A group of three or more attractive female asian teenagers dressed like sluts in a public place.
Damn dog, you should have gone to the state fair with us, there was a Ho Chi Minh Trail of bitches just looking to party on our dicks.
by vanyort September 04, 2008
Child belonging to unwed, single, and sexually active mother.
(1) Damn man, that fat ass skank bitch is chillin up at the bar getting her drink on while her little trophy be running around screaming and busting shit up. (2) Damn dog, how could you take that skank ass bitch home with those two little trophies hanging on you and calling you daddy n shit.
by vanyort September 04, 2008

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