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A sexual act, when a male with a penial piercing is having his dick sucked by a female (no fag shit), and before he ejaculates, he grabs his dick and knocks his penial piercing against her teeth twice to make a "click, click" noise, which imitates cocking a pump shotgun, and then ejaculates in her mouth or on her face.
Dude, i totally pulled the shotgun on that nasty bitch last night!
by BigSip2003 August 15, 2011
A highly efficient BB gun.
by HeroofTime55 March 12, 2011
the single most effective weapon against zombies. if you've ever played a zombie game, you know what i'm talking about.
zombie: braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnssssss
shotgun: BANG!!!!
zombie ooooouuuucchh
by Yabity October 12, 2010
Shotgun is a word used usually to get to sit in the front sit of a car, you must be in view of the car and wearing shoes. Reload can be called and then shotgun has to be called again. In other cases, shotgun is used to make a woman yours, your friends will be aware of this and not try to interfere as everyone respects the rules.

Shotgun overrules every other girly call like bagsie and dibbs.
savvas i shotgun your sister.

fuck you man
by sarahlloydthecat October 09, 2010
having awesome or exquisite breasts/boobs
dude check out those chicks Shotguns
by john johnsn October 05, 2010
1.) used to describe a girl who is about to give falacio.

2.) Adjective describing a girl who is known for frequently indulging in oral sex.
Invite those two girls, man. They're always shotgun.
by magnolyn April 10, 2010
When you have diarrhoea and you fart, spraying shit everywhere like your anus is a shotgun.
Dude, I wasn't feeling well and felt a fart coming on and I accidentaly shotgunned all in my underpants.
by THE EGGINATOR January 08, 2010