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(n). A young, often preteen, male gang member. "Shorties" are used as look outs for police when gangs are involved in drug or other criminal gang related activity
"Ay, shorty on the corner says 5-0 is headin this way"
by Sophtei October 10, 2008
Yes, well, it's an African American slang term for kids.
"Say, blood, you got some shorties or you a player?"
by Doth Bator September 30, 2003
A spiteful term used to address a vertically challenged human being.
Hey shorty, how's the weather down under?

by Hott Soup December 14, 2006
Another name for a snipe -- that is -- a cigarrette that's been extinguished in an ashtray (or by other means) that's still long enough to be smokeable. You can also harvest the tobacco out of shorties, put the tobacco in a plastic baggie, and use it to make a rollie (two shorties should yield sufficient tobacco to make one rollie).
{Homeless guy}: Hey Stan! Check that sand urn in front of the municipal building; I hear that a lot more than just a single shorty can be gotten there -- in fact, a lot of snipes should be in there after lunchtime!!!
by Telephony April 03, 2012
word with quite similar meaning as terms like „lolita“ or „nymphet“, describing a sexually attractive girl with both, childlike and feminine attributes in terms of body and behavior.

used in modern Latin-American youth-cult’s language, which often adapts English expressions particularly in the lyrics of their songs (especially Spanish HipHop & Reggaeton)

from my sprachgefühl, "shorty" is not put into context with pedophilia as much as "Lolita" or "nymphet"

But as this term frequently gets interpreted as a dismissive and crude adjective, I'd never use it to define a girl's looking or personality.
As mentioned above, you'll find "shorty" in certain kinds of music where use is made of vulgar language.

Part of the lyrics taken from the song “Shorty” by “Los Leones”:

(In this song a boy/man basically sings about a girl he finds himself attracted to not being able to get with her because she is too young)

...Hey Shorty, dime la verdad, ¿cuál es tu edad?...

(Hey Shorty, tell me the truth, how old are you?)

…ella dice que es grande ya pero es una niña / ella es una shorty, pa', de corta edad…

(she says that she is a big girl (meaning adult) but she is a girl / she is a Shorty of young age)

as you can see, here "shorty" is used in a provocative, appetent way

please don’t overvalue this translation as I did it myself without being familiar with the Spanish language ;)
by lingualtreasure June 03, 2009
A very brief code review, often performed in a software engineering environment that is rigorous about reviewing all changes.
Hey Brady, can you do a shorty for me?
by SkyCrashesDown July 16, 2008
a cigarette, or the last few drags on a friend's cigarette.
"yo lemme get dat shorty, dawg"
by Cryptic Josh November 11, 2013