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Alysia is amazing, unique, outgoing, gorgeous,& straight forward. She is the type to tell it like it is, there is simply no other like her out there. The type who is hated for what people wish they were but loved by so many. She is the pure defintion of sexy. With an Alysia, you wont be unsatisfied.
Alysia cannot be duplicated, no matter how hard you try.
by Blahhh08 March 27, 2008
sweet funny.
dont take shit from anyone.
fuck with a alysia youll get your ass kicked.

a bad motherfucker .
always in shit with the cops.
but loveing and caring .
cares about peoples feelings always.
and friends before bros.
Alysia Would Never Ditch Her Friends For A Boy.
by alysia morash . April 15, 2008
A pretty girl. Alysia usually get spoiled, but they are caring for their friends. She will usually stick with her friends, but mostly make new ones after a few years. Careful with her, because she may ditch you for others. Alysias are mainly dramatic, crazy and fun. Do not get on her bad side or she'll ignore you and make you feel bad. Other than that, she is a gorgeous girl that loves friends over guys.
Girl 1: Wow! Alysia's so pretty!
Girl 2: Careful when you become friends with her. She can stay beside you and ditch you if she doesn't like you.
Girl 1: Oh ok.
by Falcyx October 15, 2011
The most perfect girl in the world. She is smart as a whip and as beautiful as a princess. Alysia Has the body of a goddess and the lips of an angel. She has the cutest accent I couod listen to her talk all day. She is adorable, sweet, awesome, gorgeous, funny and just.. Perfect! She is my sun and moon I don't want to live without her I want to spend the rest of my life holding you in my arms
I love Alysia
by Mike💘Alysia January 18, 2015
A selfish girl. She thinks tht everything has to be about her. When talking about herself she tends to stay on tht subject forever. She tends to go out with guys tht are jerks cause she hasn't had a good father role model. She can be nice and likes to give advice. Sometimes when it's not needed.
by Derangement doooooo! April 08, 2010
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