a short piece of cat5 cable used to connect two devices that are of close proximity
ill sent you the pics over lan, I'll connect with a shorty
by Bowen_121 April 07, 2008
i very sexy stylish person, one whom you would like to have relatoins with
Hey shorty, wanna come back to my place for some wrestling?
by Dan Billford April 22, 2003
A shorty (sha-dee) is pretty much just a f*ck partner, someone you chill with, but wouldn't actually call your boo (your main thing). If you are already with someone, they are your piece on the side.
I used to pretend you were just another shorty I put the naughty on...
by P Mama October 28, 2003
A shorty is yo main man that holds all of your drugs and guns and other illegal stuff for you until the heat is off. They also are your hookup and buy you your drugs and gats and hold them for you until you need them.
Yo shorty! I need you to get me some widow! Here's enough for an ounce.
by Folk Disciple April 30, 2006
girl baby chikc your friend
hey shorty whats up
by emily September 08, 2003
A fine, sexy piece of AYSE!
Hey shorty, jump in my ride and let's hit it.
by t-dawg May 05, 2003
A hooker u c tat u liek teh lool of
yo shoyte (shorty) cum ova here an let me Fuck u blind
by Me Z E May 19, 2008
A shorty is some one who is one of the gangstas bitches that gets no credit....or bryce...
wow that person is a shorty, must be a Bryce
go go go shorty...
by Bob Mgee November 07, 2006

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