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(n.) the Canadian equivalent of the American term Benjamins. Referring to Robert Borden who appears on the Canadian 100 dollar bill.
"then that sub-g pulled out a wad of Bordens like two inches thick yo. I swear to god he was a burbsta!"
by E-wreckshun January 24, 2004
(n.) A suburban gangster. See sub-g.
"Burbsta burbsta whatchagonna do?" "Gonna party on up the whole damn night through!"
by E-wreckshun December 12, 2003
(n.) The van that the sub-g's pick up their shorties in or do bootleggin' runs in.
"When we take pop's van for a burbsta drive, we get swarmed by the honeys like bees to a hive."
by E-wreckshun December 12, 2003
(n.) A hawt suburban woman.
"I got fine ass shorties comin' through the slidin' door of my pop's van.
by E-wreckshun December 12, 2003
(n.) a real suburban gangster.
"Oh shit! I just got froshed by a sub-g. He egged my mom's chevette!"
by E-wreckshun December 12, 2003
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