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An orgasm on a beach.
I had plenty o' shoregasm action on holiday in sunny Spain!
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life January 13, 2006
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An unexpectud ejaculation after watching at least two full hours of the MTV show "Jersey Shore", after going through the daily trinity (Gym Tan Laundry)(GTL) or after fist pumping like a champ all night at the club
Bro, i had a shoregasm after that "Jersey Shore" marathon last night.

GTL makes me shoregasm
by Thawk147 January 15, 2010
An orgasm when your lying down right were the tide comes in. The tide going in and out makes you horny causing a shoregasm.
He got a wicked shoregasm when high tide rolled in.
by scarletblade April 27, 2010

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